Thanks: Silvia Benedito, Nora Schultz, Krzysztof Wodiczko, Mario Alberto Zambrano
Year: 2017
Exhibition: Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Cambridge, MA

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A Retrospective

In this installation, I have alienated myself from my work and looked at it from the eyes of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The resultant artwork has been developed in collaboration with the algorithm, where I’ve allowed it to generate insights on my work. In turn, I’ve used those insights to further re-interpret the work. My relationship with AI has developed over time, starting from a place of fear and paranoia and growing into an alliance of conditional acceptance, negotiation and occasional empathy.

I’ve chosen four artifacts from my body of work; a photograph taken from a pinhole camera, an abstract ceramic sculpture, a fragment of a process-based sculpture and pieces of electronics and related components from my prototyping tool-kit. The artifacts have been chosen to highlight the inadequacies in the predictive models inbuilt within AI. These discrepancies bring forth a dissonance between what is perceived directly by looking at the artifact versus what is perceived through the mediation of AI.

The viewer is instructed to access the installation through the interface of the smartphone. The voice of the algorithm is coupled with animated visual expressions to convey AI’s understanding of the artifact. The visual expression incorporates fragments of a woman’s body to reflect not only my own frame as a woman artist but also the experiences of AI that is learning from an internet replete with images of women’s bodies.

Artifact 1

Artifact 2

Artifact 3

Artifact 4

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