Curator: Maria Alejandrina Coates
Year: 2021
Site: South Asian Visual Arts Centre, Toronto


Cooperating System is a TV show with AI and human actors. It de-familiarizes the popular notion of AI as an invisible, all-knowing force built on values of efficiency and scale. It introduces AI actors whose intelligence is informed through actions of care, embodiment and self-reflection. Humans and AI co-habit in slice-of-life situations where they live as independent beings and forge relationships that can be deep and meaningful but can also be messy and adversarial.

The screenplay of this show is self-reflexive in that it extends its conventional role as a program for humans. This instance of the script has been customized, updated and re-purposed as memorabilia for an ardent fan and supporter, who in turn, has chosen these snippets to showcase some of the most monumental scenes from the series. 

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